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AirLite Roofing Incorporated takes the hassle out of choosing a Contractor based on "Bids" or "Estimates"

AirLite Roofing Incorporated began serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area residential roofing needs in 1984. We formed AirTite Roofing LLC in 2000 to serve our commercial customers.

Jack Stewart is also a licensed insurance adjuster. During national disasters, he continues to serve our nation's needs, when called upon by the insurance industry as a catastrophe insurance adjuster.

AirLite Roofing is NOT a Storm Chaser Company

We only work here in our own community and North Texas. We treat all our customers as friends and family, the way people deserve to be treated. Because we live here, if a warranty issue should occur, we are ready to respond to the need within 48 hours of your call - and usually we are there on the same day. We continue to service our commercial customers, when they request our services on their out of town facilities.

When working on your insurance claim, we represent your best interest in regards to achieving the optimum settlement to make all necessary repairs. As a financially stable and reputable company, we never require any money up front and your ONLY EXPENSE is your insurance company's adjustment (the check they send you) and deductible (the part you pay) - No hidden surprises, No hidden costs.

The majority of Homeowners Insurance policies allow up to $1,000.00 coverage to make temporary, emergency repairs. This coverage is NOT subject to your insurance deductible. Once these emergency repairs are made, we can slow down and allow your Insurance Adjuster to come out and evaluate the damages and then make permanent, reliable repairs to put your home back in proper order.

You can feel good about choosing us to install your roof with no lingering doubts about what corners we would have to cut to give a lower price.

Remember - your insurance company sets the standard guidelines for what roofers can charge. They don't give extra money away. If your adjuster says it should cost you "this much" in the form of a settlement, you can bet the only way that fly-by-night companies are able to offer to absorb thousands of dollars in deductibles is to cut corners; they will use tricks that roofers know about, but homeowners will not initially see, but will most likely become evident in time.

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